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Dalian HuaYue Corporation, specialized in R & D, manufacturing, installation and sale of high and low voltage electrical complete sets of products and industrial automation systems, has become a large modern group company integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales, installation and after-sales services as the leading brand in the electrical industry after a dozen years of efforts and perseverance.

Its main products include: High-voltage cabinet series KYN28-12, KYN61-40.5KV, XGN2-12, DXG-12; high-voltage RMU (Ring Main Unit) HXGN-12, low-voltage cabinet including GGD \GCK\MNS\GCS, etc, it is a professional manufacturer for various high and low cabinets. These products are widely used in large and medium-sized power plants, various wind farms, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, steel, cement, chemicals, paper making and other industries as well as modern power grid construction and power supply and distribution automation systems for civil use.

The company has three teams: High-quality management team, professional R & D team and efficient customer service team.

Business philosophy: Professionalism to strive for excellent quality.

Business orientation: The superior technology and solutions provider of advanced systems in building electrical industry.

Business management ideas: People oriented and management led, expanding the market and furthering research and development, high-quality manufacturing, sincere installation and fine service. Selecting HuaYue’s products means assurance and correctness. HuaYue, having this as its goal, will be the reliable brand trusted by customers and achieve sustainable development, making its brand well received in the industry throughout the Northeast region, known to the whole country and recognized worldwide.