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The company has five subsidiaries:
Dalian HuaYue Electrical Appliance Manufacturer Co., Ltd.
Located in the West side of eight three traffic lights in Wafangdian, 200 meters South West. Established in April 2003, engaged mainly in high and low voltage electrical product research, development, manufacturing and sales. Company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, CCC compulsory certification, and routine checks on a regular basis for many years. And maintain award-quality trustworthy product of wafangdian, Dalian, Dalian Shou contract re-credit units, building industry Association Executive Director units, Dalian City, Liaoning province famous trademark "famous enterprise", the continuation of the honorary title of AAA credit enterprise in Liaoning province and major boutique property in the country, is the leader of HuaYue electrical appliance.
Tel: 0411-85621575

Wafangdian Low-voltage Switch Factory
Located NO.1 Hefeng road the Sun neighborhood offices in wafangdian, Dalian, and convenient transportation. Low-voltage switch factory founded in July 1978, wafangdian, is a product development, manufacture, service and professional production enterprises. Main production and lighting distribution box, power distribution box, control box, meter, low-voltage Cabinet, building sites and other special distribution boxes low voltage complete sets of equipment. In recent years also developed infra-red switch (lighting systems) and other products. Products applicable to residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, railway stations, hospitals, schools, factories, and other modern buildings and equipment used can provide customers customized kinds of standard power distribution box (Cabinet), cable tray, intercom and (Gate) and so on. Is mainly engaged in high and low power distribution box series, gauge, control series, power series, distribution cabinets, cable tray manufacturing of such products, is a major producer China electric appliance manufacture co. The enterprise has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, is the record Dalian construction products, all products have passed CCC compulsory certification, made into the domestic and international market passes.
For this enterprise provides all the production and installation of products, are the main producers.
Tel: 0411-85360015 85360766

Dalian HuaYue Building Electronics Sales Company
Located in Nangongji Street Er Duan 66-3 in Wafangdian . Mainly engaged in research and development of product sales and construction companies of electrical products sales and after-sales service of this product for Huayue electrical appliances Enterprise. On the enterprises ' production and sales of products made in co-ordinating organization.
Tel: 0411-66508055 85621575

Dalian HuaYue Mechanical & Electrical Installation Ltd in Changxing Economic and Technological Development Zone
Located in the Changxing Island Harbor industrial zone, NO.1191 Castle Peak Road. Mainly engaged in installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment, fire engineering, intelligent building engineering, ventilation pipe construction, electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories, construction materials, hardware distribution. Focusing on electrical installation engineering contract and the enterprise product installation service.
Tel: 13500772788

Chifeng HuaYue Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Inner Mongolia
Located in Songshan district, chifeng city, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, hardware electrical city, Dalian Huayue electric manufacturing corporation established in chifeng's manufacturer, produced by Dalian China electric appliance manufacture co-funded, and management. Mainly engaged in high and low voltage power distribution box series, gauge, control series, power series, distribution cabinets, cable tray manufacturing of such products, is the product of chifeng, Huayue electric appliance manufacture co in major manufacturers.
Tel: 13500772788